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These products are made from 10% – 30% ecological materials.

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Ref. 9308

Cardboard USB drive

Ref. 9311

Cardboard USB drive

Ref. 9319

Bamboo wireless speaker

Ref. 429221

Bamboo thermos bottle (400 ml)

Ref. 431964

Bamboo wireless charger and clock

Ref. 432509

Bamboo wireless charger

Ref. 480798

Cardboard colouring set

Ref. 483506

Cardboard colouring set

Ref. 662808

Glass drinking bottle (600 ml)

Ref. 668130

Stainless steel double-walled drinking bottle

Ref. 674829

Bamboo pocket knife

Ref. 676271

Toiletry bag

Ref. 1207

Pencil with animal

Ref. 2019

Ballpen with cardboard barrel

Ref. 2127

Pencil case.

Ref. 2460

Witch pencil

Ref. 2478

Flower ballpen

Ref. 2498

Animal ballpen

Ref. 2541

Pencil, unsharpened

Ref. 2785

Pencil set

Ref. 2786

Pencil holder, 6pc

Ref. 2797

Chalk, 6pc

Ref. 3788

Bamboo ballpen.

Ref. 3804

Bamboo ballpen

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