Ballpen with bamboo barrel

Ref: 3993_32

Bamboo ballpen with plastic coloured parts, blue ink.

Further Information

Dimensions & Specification
Product dimensions (cm) Ø 0 x 1.1 x 14 cm
Materials ABS / Bamboo
Net weight 9 gr
Statistics number 96081092
Country of origin China
Print Options
Rotary screen print Printing position: In line with the clip
Max. printing size (mm): 40 x 25
Max. number of printing colours: 4
Engraved Printing position: On the barrel
Max. printing size (mm): 35 x 6
Max. number of printing colours: Engraved
Packaging Units
Individually packaged in a polybag
(Repackaging after printing depends on the product and the printers discretion)
Individually packaged in a gift box No
Number in inner carton 50
Number in export carton 1000
Number on pallet 40000
Export Carton
Export carton dimensions (l × w × h) Ø 47.5 x 31.5 x 20 cm
Export carton volume 0.0299 m³
Export carton gross weight 8.82kg
3359_32 (silver) 8719446009363
3359_01 (black) 8719446009325
3359_04 (green) 8719446009332
3359_05 (blue) 8719446009349

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