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Product & Safety Regulations

The policy of our Dutch supplier, Giving Europe B.V is to meet all demands of law and regulation that apply to product safety and product composition.

Not only are the directives concerning RoHS & WEEE and the REACH decree being strictly adhered to, also the fact that products have to comply with the CE standard, “Conformité Européenne” (European Conformity) is a major consideration when selecting products for the Impression range.

The permitted values of phthalates, cadmium, lead, nickel, formaldehyde, phenols, azo dyes and many other substances that can be included in the manufacturing process, are closely monitored.

Items that are intended for use by children are always tested under the stringent guidelines set out in the Toy Directive 2009/48/EC.

We are also focused on laws and regulations concerning Consumer Protection, Certificates of Conformity and Fire Safety.

All of these are checked thoroughly.

After all, better safe than sorry!

Click here for a detailed overview and description of the various laws and rules, which Impression Europe complies to >

Accreditations & Associations

bmpa Charter Supplier
Purple Club Member
Advantage Buying Group Winner 2012/13
Sourcing City Member
bmpa Charter Supplier