We regret that, with immediate effect, we have been forced to withdraw all our food products containing vegetable fibres.
This affects all products containing bamboo, coffee, straw or wheat fibre. Our Dutch supplier has been advised that these have all been designated as non-compliant by the EU.
Withdrawn items are: 7874, 8237, 9161, 9320, 9351, 9369, 9370, 9371, 9418, 428040, 429330. All non-food products are unaffected and still available.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but can assure you this decision is beyond our control.


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Ref. 429221

Bamboo thermos bottle

Ref. 429393

Biodegradable PLA bottle

Ref. X818001

Single wall paper cup, 8oz/250ml

Ref. X818003

Single wall paper cup, 12oz/380ml.

Ref. X818006

Single wallpaper cup, 16oz/480ml.

Ref. X818007

Double wall paper cup, 8oz/280ml

Ref. X818008

Double wall paper cup, 12oz/380ml

Ref. X818011

Thermal wall paper cup, 8oz/280ml

Ref. X818012

Thermal wall paper cup, 12oz/380ml

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